School Kids Immunization Program

The Purpose of the SKIP Program is to increase immunization coverage levels for school- age children.
The SKIP representatives perform the required immunization record assessments as well as offer training and assessment tools for school personnel. Immunization education is provided at schools for teachers, parents and students. They are educated about vaccine-preventable diseases and the long-range benefits of vaccines. An immunization drive is scheduled for children to receive their required vaccines at school. Consents and vaccine information is sent home to the parents of children needing immunizations. Students are asked to either return the consent form or provide a record from their provider showing that their child is up-to-date with required immunizations. Consented students receive the required immunizations on a scheduled date at school. The immunization data is shared with Louisiana’s immunization registry (LINKS) so that any health care provider would have access to the immunization history. A Louisiana Universal Certificate of Immunization is given to the parents for their records and a copy is also given to the school. This record will remain available to the parent for future proof of vaccination, which is required for such activities as sports, camp and/or admission to daycare, schools and college. Vaccines are provided free based on our continuing partnership with the Office of Public Health under the provisions of the National Vaccine for Children Fund (VFC).
Schools that participate with SKIP benefit from immunization assessment training, high immunization coverage levels of students, and projected higher attendance rates due to reduced illness. Parents benefit knowing their children are protected and their certified records are safely stored and readily available for future reference. Providers will have access to immunization records therefore enabling better immunization tracking.

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